Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

Strategy game developed in the chocolate manufacturing scenario
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Chocolatier is a game that combines strategy, mouse handling skills and the fascinating environment for the manufacture of fine and exotic chocolates. You’ll have to learn to produce exquisite recipes of various chocolates, for which not only you’ll have to get recipes and operate the manufacturing machinery but you’ll also have to negotiate with dealers, go travelling around the world to get some exotic ingredients and hard-to-find recipes. If you manage to develop your strategic skills you’ll be able to even have a world chocolate empire, installing up to 6 factories in multiple places and selling chocolate in countless countries.

The entire game is designed according to a classical aesthetic, and includes various characters that will interact with you from dialogues that give them personality and enrich the story environment. The game is designed as a typical strategy game in which you will be receiving several missions that you’ll have to accomplish to advance to the next mission. Thus, you’ll begin selling manufactured chocolates to raise money and buy new ingredients to help you start your own manufacturing, and many more missions.

Since it’s somewhat a complex game until you know it in detail, includes comprehensive assistance to the objectives and missions to accomplish and the way to achieve it. Besides, you'll be able to configure some settings such as the volume of sound effects, the environment and music, as well as adjust the size of the game window.

It runs on Windows XP and Vista and doesn’t demand excessive system requirements (128 MB RAM, Pentium III 700 MHz, 30 MB free on the HD and DirectX 7.0)

The trial version has quite a few limitations for the game, for example: you’ll have only 60 minutes to try it, you can not access the 14 cities in the world to get ingredients or access to the 60 recipes available, you can not install the 6 factories nor negotiate prices with merchants. If you want to enjoy the full version and increase the strategic possibilities of this game you have to buy the full version for $ 19.95

Lionel Mira
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Review summary


  • The environment and characters and very well performed
  • It includes help and guides to achieve the missions
  • It has several missions which make it a dynamic and entertaining game
  • It demands few system requirements


  • The trial version expires after 60 minutes of playing
  • It doesn’t allow choosing recipes or jumping levels
  • The trial is too limited in comparison with the full version
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